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Does size really matter?


This is a question that has been asked for years and it will forever be asked for the most part of the remaining years of yourself and you can take that to the bank.

Apparently everybody has their own answer to these question but what you need to know is that there usually is a specific cup for every drink, a specific bucket for every well and most definitely a book for a specific reader. That said, I think I can at least give you my own version of the answer to this question: does size really matter?

Yes size really matters and no it doesn’t at the same time. I would like to believe that the bigger size of a manhood doesn’t mean anything at all and it’s all mental since a woman only needs a mere three inch penis to get satisfied but of course with somebody who knows what they are actually doing. At least all you need to know if you are a man on the little modo side is all you need to know how to do is how to rock the boat and hit the right places since you can’t reach the walls of the boat, all you can do is rock it steady and maybe the boat might just be steady.

For the big modo guys, don’t let it get to your head. Yes you might be blessed sown there but if you do not know how to use your modo  you might actually you are as good as scaring a dead lion, in plain words, useless. Research has even proven that not all women prefer men with big modos, actually most of them are usually threatened by the huge modos and somewhat feel intimidated in some way or two.

An average modo perfect for a woman that they prefer is five or six inches that will make her comfortable and happy when you are rocking her boat.

So, like I said, the answer to this question is yes or no but it gets answers differently by every single women thus you can’t speak for every woman out there and say yes or no.

FYI, for those men who has little modos under three inches, I honestly don’t have anything to say to you but “let peace be with you, you are beyond salvation”

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