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Mbona huendi kanisani! Church elders kill man for failing to attend prayer service


Church elders are normally some of the most respected members of a church apart from the pastor and his team. They fill in roles that are synonymous with power and leadership in the various church committees. So this next story just blows the mind, by the lenghts to which some certain church elders went in trying to have their way done.

Pastor meme
Pastor meme. photo credit: dustoffthebible


Six church leaders were arrested by police officers for allegedly killing a member of the congregation for failing to attend a prayer service.The victim Charles Omwaye is alleged to have been assaulted by Legio Maria leaders at his Kayamo Home in Homa Bay County. The victim died while undergoing treatment at the Rachuonyo South Hospital. According to area chief Joel Omwenga, the six church leaders arrived at the home of the deceased on Friday night and found the 64-year-old man in bed. One of the elders claimed to have been directed by the Holy Spirit to the room where the late Omwaye was sleeping and ordered to beat him up. I call bullshit on this. Very convenient.

Catholic meme
Catholic meme. photo credit: litcatholicmemes

The chief said:

“The information we have is that the clergymen stated they had been led by the spirit to hit the old man because he was sleeping while prayers were going on.”

Mr Omwange also revealed that the deceased and his second wife had differences after she left the Catholic Church in favour of Legio Maria. The group was also influencing his Form Two son to drop out of school. The Chief further stated that it was alarming that the second wife and the son never raised alarm when the late Omwaye was being beaten. However, neighbours came to the rescue after their class seven daughter screamed attracting their attention.County police boss Marius Tum confirmed the arrest of the six church elders, his wife and a priest of the church.

This is really sad! Imagine if the old man had not being paying his tithe? I shudder to think of how the “Holy Spirit” would have directed the 6 elders to kill the victim.

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