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Did Cristiano Ronaldo cheat on his girlfriend when she was pregnant?


Cristiano Ronaldo the world famous footballer and baller with the ladies has a life to envy. that is if you are a man that desires to have lots of money, the football skills of a genius and the looks of a Greek God.

Cristiano posing
Cristiano Ronaldo. photo credit: cristiano

So this man must be thrown for lots of pussy cats by females around him. Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly cheated on his pregnant girlfriend with a reality TV star Natacha Rodrigues.

Natacha Rodriguez in dress
Natacha Rodriguez. photo credit: central european news

Rodrigues, is an aspiring model and she claims she slept with the former Manchester United forward at his house in Madrid after months of the pair messaging each other.

Natacha, 21, told The Sun:

“I knew he had a girlfriend but we became friends, there was trust between us, a bond. He was a lovely person and after messaging for so long it was amazing to be with him.Our night together was special but afterwards I told him I was going on a Portuguese reality show and he told me not to do it. By the time I came out he’d blocked me. Now I think he just used me for sex. I don’t have regrets because being with him was like a dream come true but I feel betrayed.”

Natacha Rodriguez selfie
Natacha Rodriguez. photo credit: central european news

Natacha claims their meeting took place in March of this year, months after he had met his current partner Georgina Rodriguez. She also claims that after they slept together, Ronaldo gave her a hat, a tour of his apartment and €300 for taxis home.

Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend in hospital
Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend. photo credit: Cristiano

This story is super funny. This thot thought that this guy doesn’t use ladies like her for booty calls? Such naivety is rare in females in the entertainment/instagram industry. She was a booty call, nothing else. Even Ronaldo’s partner knows whats up and I don’t think this will change anything in their relationship. But what do I know anyway?

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