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Beef brewing! Khaligraph Jones throws jabs at Nyashinski


Everybody, at least most people who appreciates good music are always on the lookout for good quality music released by Khaligraph Jones and his Instagram freestyles are always entertaining and whatnot and brought him enough respect in the game.

In his recent freestyle post he posted on his official account, he hinted that he just might have resurrected some rapper’s career who was abroad and came back. Now we all know that the only person who came back to the music scene after a long ten years hiatus from America is none other than Nyashinski, I mean he did not have to point out his name out for fans to know who he was referring to and all that.

Nyashinski and Khaligraph Jones makes history in 2016

If and only if, Nyashinski responds to this allegations with a clap back, Kenya east Africa will have to be a part of the most lit beef in the history of hip hop. Nyashinski has not yet clapped back. Here is the video in question.


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