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“Have we become comfortable with our success and complacent with our environment and challenges?” Ken Khero


In life, people tend to forget the past once they become successful or start winning. Forgetting the foundation that made, the zeal that pushed us to become who we are today. Successful or not, we should never forget how we came to be who we are in life and apparently this are not my sentiments alone since one Ken Khero who is a digital designer feels the same way as he had this to say about growing up and forgetting about the past that made us who we are.

Ken Khero. photo credit: Instagram


Morning friends? I had the honour of seeing something beautiful, sad and eye opening this morning. As I was sitted so comfortably in the car that I could afford to pay, I saw this woman running outside. Assuming to work and that she was either late or just didnt want to be late or worse, that she couldn’t afford to pay for transport. I looked at her and it reminded me of the days when I was an intern. When I had to run to some places because I couldn’t afford to travel there. I never had a reason for being late( I couldn’t afford to be) I needed the job. So I ran. And I continued to run till I got what I wanted at the time. I looked at her and a saw a reflection of a person I used to be, a person I still am, but forget very often. That I shouldn’t stop running just because I can now afford to pay for my trips. Pay for my drinks and my rent. How far have we come? How far have we ran and still need to? Or have we forgotten all that we had to do to get to where we are? Have we become comfortable with our success and complacent with our environment and challenges? Maybe its about time we started running again. And for them that are still running, don’t worry, it gets better. 😊 – Ken Khero

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