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Barak Jacuzzi releases his sophomore mixtape ‘Coco Season’


Barak Jacuzzi recently released his sophomore EP(Extended Play) ‘Coco Season’ after a successful first EP ‘The Juice Bar’ which was positively received by fans. Barak who is here to change the game as we know it has been busy working on that new single every single time.

Coco Season cover art
‘Coco Season’ cover art

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‘Coco Season’ mixtape has six tracks with which is two tracks shy from his first EP. Most of the singles were produced by the talented Ceezy with Limitless and Kalahari Studios with guest features of Mvroe and Steph Kapela.

Coco Season official cover art
‘Coco Season’ official cover art

This is by far the best EP to be released this year. Just had a listen to it and I truly believe that Barak Jacuzzi is surely going to be a force to reckon with not only in Kenya but regionally if he isn’t already. Barak Jacuzzi is one talent that makes you appreciate Kenyan hip hop music and I think he is in the same level of A-Reece and/or Nasty C because he is young so you know he is here to stay for long and change the hip hop and rap game for teh better. Have a listen to the whole ‘Coco Season’ EP below

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