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ati, umewanunulia pombe? bar attendant kills boyfriend for a silly reason!


This shit just keeps on happening! Lovers spats and lovers quarrel that ends in death are not anything new. But damn! They are hard to swallow, especially when the cause of the death was something so simple. People killing people over nothing really!

crazy girlfriend: Photo Credit:  Mr. Tumblr
crazy girlfriend: Photo Credit: Mr. Tumblr

A bar attendant in Meru town killed her lover of two years because he bought his friends beer! Manze what if he had cheated on her? I fret to think about what she would have then done!  Faith Kanario, stabbed Samuel Mburu four times, twice in the back and in the stomach and chest. The two had arrived earlier in the bar while holding hands but would not depart in the same fashion: One in a body bag while another in the custody of the police.

Mr. Mburu who was a teacher at Meru Muslim day secondary school did not expect his day to take such a drastic turn on this fateful day when he bought his friends some drinks. An eyewitness said that the lady must have got hurt after seeing her boyfriend buy drinks for his friends. Talk about a crazy woman!

crazy girlfriend:  Photo Credit: the sun
crazy girlfriend: Photo Credit: the sun

My question is what did she stab the unfortunate man with? This was not a premeditated murder so what implement did she use to end her boyfriend? Or is she like one of those ladies from the movies who are so dangerous she can kill you with a spoon? Hmm? All jokes aside this is still a very unfortunate incident. Ms Kanario is now detained at the Meru police station as the police conduct more investigations.


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