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artiste profile, Anselmo Ralph


Anselmo Ralph was born in 1981 in Luanda where he attended elementary and high school and after living for some years in Madrid where he began to discover his passion for music and became a big fan of the artist Juan Luís Guerra, he moved to New York, Completing his studies at the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

After being part of a Latin rock’n’roll band in New York, Anselmo began to focus on projects like the NGB (New Generation Band) group in 1995 with whom he recorded his first album and later dedicated to his Career as a solo artist.

In January 2006 he released his first album “Stories of Love”, through the record company BOM SOM, which he himself founded and obtained immediate success with this album. After two weeks of the release of this album in the Angolan and international market, the first show takes place on the island of Luanda in Miami Beach with more than six thousand people in the audience. This would be the first of several sold out shows and in 2006 was named by the South African television Channel, for “Best R & B Singer” and also for the “MTV Europe Music Awards 2006” in the category of  “Best Artist African”.

After the great success of the first album, releases “The Last Stories of Love” on  February, 14th 2007. In just one month this was already another great national and international success. With this second work, Anselmo Ralph receives the “Best Male Voice” award and the “Top Radio Luanda” award as the most voted musician in 2007, continuing to record box office records in his shows.

In 2008, he signs a contract with LS Republican and starts the international tour, and he performs several shows in Portugal, Holland, England, Mozambique, South Africa, Sao Tome and Principe, Brazil and Namibia. In 2009, after conquering the world with his love stories, on February, 14th  of that year, he released his third album “O Cupido” (Double CD and DVD), which sold 22,600 copies in just 9 hours.

In 2011, Anselmo Ralph blasts the market with the Maxi Single from the upcoming album “A Dor Do Cupido”, which in just two days sells 42.000 copies, achieving in the following three months the sale of 90.000 copies and performing more than 50 shows in that same year. He hits another record in his career with more than 63 million views of the music video “Não Me Toca”.


In 2012 he releases the album “Best Of Anselmo Ralph – Live, Recorded live at Campo Pequeno, Lisbon, Portugal”, reached a platinum award in Portugal and begins here his contractual relationship with Sony Music Entertainment Portugal, through a previously signed contract with Sony Music Entertainment South Africa. He became the first PALOP musician to reach the a number one in the national sales chart in Portugal, since April 25, 1974.


In 2013, he released the album “A Dor Do Cupido”, debuting as an actor in the film with the same name, where he is the author and main character.

In 2014, he releases the album “O Melhor de Anselmo Ralph”, a platinum awarded album that includes many of the artist’s early career hits and the best hits of the years 2012 to 2014 that have left many of the Portuguese surrendered to their talent and friendliness. This album manages to remain in the number one of the top official sales Portuguese chart, during most of the summer of that year.

2014 is also the year that Anselmo begins his career in television in the global show “The Voice” and one of the competitors of his group, wins the edition of the program that year. He becomes one of the most popular jurors of the program and maintains his functions until today (2016).


During the year 2014 and until the end of 2016, it celebrates several contracts of support and sponsorships with some national and foreign brands like Unitel, Coca Cola, Samsung, Delta, Playstation, Bling / Tensai, among many others. In June 2015, Anselmo signs a global agreement with Sony Music Entertainment Spain, in Madrid and starts his internationalization plans.

That same year, he also signed another contract with Sony ATV Music Publishing, the number one publishing company in the world. Already in late 2016, it launches “Amor É Cego”, which quickly reached the gold award and reached the top spot of the top sales in the week of release. The new album, “Amor É Cego” tells the story of a romantic relationship! The songs that are part of this new album of originals, relate several moments of this relationship, where, love, passion, betrayal, encounters, mismatches and forgiveness are the main ingredients.

Anselmo Ralph
Anselmo Ralph

The new album marks a new approach and more proximity to  the African market in terms of sonority. But it also demonstrates a new demand for new sound environments, thinking about the future, through internationalization.

2017 is definitely the year of Anselmo Ralph’s internationalization towards markets such as South America and some European and African territories where Anselmo already has many fans but has not yet established himself artistically.



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