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Zari’s Late Ex-husbands Instagram account Active Three Months After His Death?


Ivan Ssemwanga died 3 months ago but his Instagram account apparently did not suffer the same fate. The man who died of heart failure left an ex-wife, Zari Hassan and two sons.

ivan smiling
Image: campus bee

So to find an Instagram post on the dead man’s post was very morbid. The account which has been dormant for the last 3 months suddenly had some activity over the weekend. The image showed Ivans two sons in a restaurant enjoying themselves.

Waffle breakfast @raphy_junior762 @quincy_bitw_7

A post shared by Richgang President (@ivandon) on

Some of his followers Instagram were rather perplexed and were puzzling how this could have happened. Some speculated that it was either Zari or her sons who had posted the image. Others had a more crazy theory, that Ivan had not died.

Image result for you are crazy meme
Image: quickmeme



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