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Eric Omondi denies claims he was drunk at the Tekno Miles concert. what?


Eric Omondi has had an interesting couple of days in the spotlight recently. As you well know bad news sells more than good news. And Eric has not had the best of news especially this weekend if you ask some quarters.

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Yesterday we ran a story that stated that Eric Omondi was very tipsy at the Tekno Miles concert that happened over the weekend. He has been swift to deny those allegations in an interview to Word Is. He said, ” I was not drunk and further more, I didn’t attend the concert.” Oh really?

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But here’s the problem, you claim you weren’t there even though people who were at the concert claim they saw you and could even describe what you were wearing.

Either Joe Muchiri is the biggest liar that ever was and has some fantastic photoshop skills or Eric is denying something that has happened to most of us one time or another, getting balls out drunk. Whichever it is let Eric say what he feels suits him. It is his life, Ama?

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