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the struggle is real! comedian Eric Omondi used to get paid with food! find out more:


We all love and appreciate the huge impact Eric Omondi has had on our rib-cages over the last few years. But before he made it in the industry, the hassle and the struggle were not for the faint of heart.

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Eric spoke about his journey as a comedian and how his rise to the top was littered with scars and tears. Apparently, as young comedians in the nascent industry, the upstarts used to get paid with food. Ngai! Hata fare?

He said, ” the comedy industry is going good places. When I started doing comedy, we were being paid with food. Now, it’s paying”.

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He also gave credit to the Redykyulass trio of John Kiarie, Walter Mongare and Tony Njuguna for the impact they had had on the industry since its infancy.

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He also spoke of one of the worst shows he had in Malindi, where the audience did not laugh for the entirety of the two-hour show. How depressing!

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He urged parents to encourage their children to pursue comedy as the future of the industry is bright. This man is really a beacon of hope with such an inspiring story.

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