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dj mo made his wife size 8 pass through some very crazy tests before he was convinced she was the one!


We have all read the Disney stories where the male suitor works tirelessly to win the affections of the princess.

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Most times the male suitor will have to go through some excruciating tests to find out whether he is worthy of her love. even the test of death for her sake.

So to find out that DJ Mo was the princess in this story and his now wife Size 8 was the male suitor is very interesting. How about introversion?

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DJ Mo recently gave an interview to Pulse Live he said, ” When I knew I wanted to settle down I moved to a house in Githurai 44, somewhere funny near Zimmerman.”

Then he invited her over for a visit one day when she had become well-known working with Safaricom and lived in a 35,000 Kenya shilling house in South B. He added, “She used to have a Toyota Celica, had a driver and when she came she would wear a hood, ruka mtaro then come.”

He also tested her by borrowing money from her and intentionally delaying to buy a car that was well within his means. Imagine she still was down with him. This Size 8 must be able to see into peoples futures. So patient! Please tell my future? Pretty please.

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He also once left her in his very dirty house with his dirty clothes to see if she would clean it? Apparently, she did it without any fuss. Size 8 must not be real because do women like this even exist anymore?

Still, he wasn’t done testing her. He gave her the tried and tested kibanda test. This is a good one. To see whether your significant other is a ride or die. He continues, ” Nikampima tusosie kwa kibanda and she said no cool no problem. She understood me, most girls weren’t real and worshipped me, they didn’t understand the real me.”

He then finished, ” If you love this woman and she loves you there are those exams utampitisha and they will pass automatically. If someone is there for your wealth you will know.”

What do you think of the advise DJ Mo has meted out?

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