top things you need to know about Kisii women


It’s no lie that every tribe not only in Kenya but the whole African region has their unique “sell point” on what makes them unique and stand out from the rest. Today, I am going to touch a few of these points about what makes Kenyan Kisii women stands out from the rest.

They are submissive and faithful

granted, this is what most men look for in a women today but sadly it is almost a wild goose chase in today’s society because not many women wants to be submissive in their relationships. Kisii women are an exception to this somewhat stereotype, when they love, they love hard, they are the type of women that will love their husbands even though they don’t deserved to be loved.

They are the typical examples of the Ride or Die chicks

Sadly, they are not so good in bed

Apparently Kisii women are not so good in bed and most of them prefer the missionary style than any other tribe in Kenya. They will feel somewhat “dirty” when you try any other styles plus most of them has undergone FGM so there isn’t much pleasure to begin with.

They are not beautiful

Yes this is true, you will find only two or one pretty women in a group of ten Kisii women so that makes you know that they aren’t that beautiful but they are beautiful and wonderfully made in other departments. The best thing about them though that I love is that prefer their natural look than that of wearing makeups

They have huge nyash

Do you know Corazon Kwamboka? then you know all about the bright future behind her. Let me live it at that. It is naturally given unto them, most of them at least.

They are good cooks

If you marry a Kisii woman, trust you me you will forever be full. They know how to cook and if they don’t know how to cook something that their husbands love, they will make sure that they find out a way to know how to cook it. You won’t find any man who is a married to a Kisii woman complaining about food getting cooked badly, that would be a lie.

They gossip a lot

I can’t confidently say that this trait is entirely owned by only Kisii women so I won’t dwell on it but since they gossip, it makes the list but we will live it at that, they like gossiping.

They make good wives

Tell you what, if you get a chance or a blessing to marry a Kisii woman, you will be one lucky man under God’s good green earth I tell you. These gorgeous women try their level best to make sure that their family is happy and satisfied while lacking nothing at all, men who are married to Kisii women don’t have side chicks, or so I hear because they are content with what they get from their Kisii wives.

Keep it here for tomorrow’s top things you need to know about Kikuyu women

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