Video: Senator Anyang Nyong’o claims Colonel Owuoth is now missing


Senator Anyang Nyong’o has raised alarm over missing KDF spokesman Colonel JM Owouth.

His family says he had been sent on compulsory leave on Friday.

KDF spokesman JM Owuoth was sent on a compulsory leave Friday after confirming the authenticity of military documents that NASA alleged showed that the military would allegedly be used during elections.

He was in constant communication with his sister Elizabeth, whom he told everything he was ordered to do by his employers.

He then boarded a public transport vehicle in Nairobi while in constant communication with his sister.

Owuoth went silent once he reached Nakuru (or assumed to have reached Nakuru), never to be heard from again.

But Mr. Owuoth has come out saying he is well and at work.

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