this is the Kisii song Raila Odinga has fallen in love with


Raila Odinga who is currently on a campaign tour around the country to search for votes that will help him become the president of the republic of Kenya come August 8th 2017 was earlier today in Egesa Fm radio ahead of his campaign tomorrow in Kisii.

The former Premier said that the current Kisii song that he loves is ‘Ntwarwara’ by  Vekta(Maxwell Basweti), Babugee(Davison Mong’are) and Miggy (Omari Migisi)

Also read, ‘Ntwarwara’ is the single that every Kisii has fallen in love with

Raila Odinga caused an online uproar shocking people by saying that he knows ‘ntwarwara’ which has since become an anthem in Kisii, numerous clubs and radio stations.








Watch the music video below



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