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“Mwafreeka is the realest person you’ll ever meet” Rapcha Tha Sayantist


Comedian Rapcha Tha Sayantist is one vocal comedian and radio host that does not know how to keep silent when he has something to say. His coming up to the entertainment scene has not been easy and today he took to social media to open up about how Mwafreeka played a major role on his career.

This is what the comedian who doubles as a radio host had to say about Mwafreeka who they once co-host a show called ‘Raiya’;

Mwaf is one of the realest niggas you will ever run into, I was supposed to do a stand up show back in the day and wrote pages and pages of jokes, we rehearsed 6 hrs before the show and Mwaf just said hizo ni nini? I had to freestyle for 1hr on stage, we were supposed to do 1 HR each me and Churchill… One did 1 HR the other did 15mins…. It came to be known as raw and uncut 2.”



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