King Bilari jumps on a hip hop beat produced by P. Diddy


‘Flava In Ya Ear’ by Craig Mack. From the album “Project: Funk Da World” (1994). Feat. Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J, Busta & Rampage

King Bilari jumped on the 1994 Easy Mo Bee’s produced beat that was released officially in July 26 same year on the Bad Boy Entertainment record label, packaged with a series of additional remixes. Craig Mack made sure he made that beat go viral and indeed it did after ‘Flava In Ya Ear’ which was released from the album was “Project: Funk Da World” (1994).

‘Flava In Ya Ear’ was later on remixed by Notorious B.I.G. LL Cool J, Rampage and Busta Rhymes. So to many, this record is a classic in many classical hip hop records.

Original version by Craig Mack

Here’s another version killed by a Texas female rapper

King Bilari who is also a well established rapper in Kenya made sure he jumped on the famous beat which was also remixed by Jay Z back in the day. What do you think of the single ‘New Flavor’. is it a hit or miss?
Here is King Bilari’s bars on the P Diddy 1994 beat

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