Check out the video of Corazon Kwamboka flaunting what her mother gave her


Corazon Kwamboka aka Lily aka Lily The Genie aka the beautiful woman who arguably has the biggest nyash you will ever see is one multi talented woman you will ever hear about having just completed her studies and getting admitted to the bar officially and becoming the first ever socialite cum businesswoman to ever achieved that honor, in other words, she is an Advocate of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kenya.

Corazon Kwamboka | courtesy

However, we all know that she became famous because of her well nurtured, beautiful and inviting nyash and together with her complimentary body, there is no man on good planet earth that can’t stop staring at her photos because she really is beautiful in every way, both inside and out. Too bad though for Team Mafisi because she is allegedly in love with her new Caucasian man and are currently on ‘baecation’ with him in South Africa.

What I can do for you Team Mafisi though is just share with you a compilation of pretty much the best videos she has ever been in parading her nyash for the whole world to see and you can watch theme below.


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