Video: “DP Ruto is a very big thief” Joho challenges him to reveal the source of his billions wealth


Politics is a dirty game and it needs people with thick skin because once you are on top of the political mountain, everyone will dig in into your dirty little secrets and expose them no matter how hard you try to hide them, they will eventually come out.

Mombasa governor, Ali Hassan Joho took an opportunity on a recent rally to challenge the Deputy President, William Ruto to come clean on how he made his billions and also went on to challenge the DP to hire any international audit to audit him and they will come up with how clean he made his money because the governor has nothing to hide.

I dare you Ruto tafuta International audit company of your choice to audit my accounts and I will account for every coin in those accounts unlike you a billionaire who can’t tell the source…. You among the many people Moi natured politically but you don’t have respect for mzee , who will you respect if you can’t respect somebody who fed you to be who you’re today

Wewe Ruto nakungoja Mombasa , nikupake Mchana ushangae” wewe ni mwizi mkubwa sana …

-Hassan Joho to Ruto

This is the video in question


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