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‘wish men were loyal’ Betty Kyallo opens up to Bikozulu about men and relationships


What makes the world go round? money,love…you know your fix.Anyway, Betty Kyallo recently launched a salon and kinyozi(basic lingua for basic ninjas) that has received positive feedback, the Posh Palace Hair Studio and Spa. This is the place where you get to treat yourself once in a while.

This comes at a time when,stubborn Kenyans like, me, refuse to move on, from the Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari love tale,by letting them be or accepting that all is well like Okari revealed.I still can’t believe it is a wrap,just like Nicki and Meek’s.

Moving on,Bikozulu got a moment with Miss Kyallo over Christmas and from their conversation, one thing came out,men ain’t loyal, maybe that could be a piece of a debris,of what could’ve caused the rifts in their marriage with Dennis Okari.

Bikozulu is an award winning creative writer,who has won many people’s hearts with his works-usually masterpieces,best believe,he is the creme dela creme of that world.He also loves music, food, travel, children (even those that don’t belong to him)…hehehe, clothes, cars, gadgets, whiskey and watching someone hula-hoop(his own description).

Check out below conversation from his blog 

Three weeks ago Betty Kyalo and her partner Susan Kaitany invited me over to look around their new yet-to-be-launched spa – Posh Palace Hair Studio and Spa – on Sifa Towers, Lenana Road. Betty said, “You should be coming here for a haircut, we have a nice barber.” I said I was happy with Sam, my barber. “Plus, I love my wash girl, she’s fantastic! She gives great neck and head massages after and sometimes she rubs my head against her boobs during the massage and it makes this fractured world feel so secure.”

They laughed.

“Who is she?” they insisted, “We want her!” Of course I refused to divulge her name. She is mine!

“But no, seriously,” I said, “it’s not easy to just change barbers, it’s complicated.”

Susan asked incredulously, “What do you mean, complicated?”

“Because we are men,” I said, “We can’t just change our barbers on a whim. I have had Sam for almost ten years now, literally my whole 30’s. If another barber touched my head I would be riddled with guilt. I’d feel like I cheated on him.”

Betty rolled her eyes. “I wish you men would remain that faithful to your women like you do to your barbers and mechanics.”

Susan, one arm akimbo, nodded virtuously.

So they invited me for a haircut and a massage. I went back last Friday (Terrific place, by the way, they should have called it Very Posh Palace Hair Studio and Spa).



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