Audio: boda boda man in Kakamega county sells his wife for a bottle of soda


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Well, I thought I had seen and heard everything I need to here in Kenya but boy was I wrong, Kakamega had me in store for this surprise.

Kakamega boda boda by far has proven to be the most unpredictable bunch of all the boda boda riders in Kenya. I know it’s Njaanuary(a slang for January if since many people are broke. Njaa means hunger in Swahili) I mean that’s a given but giving your wife out to your fellow boda boda rider just to quench your soda thirst is unheard of but apparently not in Kakamega.

One rider sold his wife for a mere 500 Kenyan shillings to his friend since he was so broke and he was really in need to quench his thirst. An audio that is currently making rounds in social media got many surprised and perplexed by this act and if you take a listen to it, you will be shocked as well. Take a listen below


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