Aden Duale dismisses audio of incitement against Kamba voters


Aden Duale who is the National Assembly Majority Leader has come forward to dismiss the audio clip that was making rounds yesterday on social media spreading hate remarks against the Kamba community living in Garissa County. In the audio in question, Aden Duale who is the Garissa Township Member of Parliament is heard calling upon all youths to drive away Kambas living in garisaa County so that they can not register as voters in that area.

He spoke to Star newspaper yesterday and dismissed the audio clip and ruled it out as mere propaganda aimed to tarnish his good name.

“This is a baseless propaganda that cannot be proven. In my opinion it is concocted propaganda and corrupted” The National Assembly Majority Leader said

The audio made social media to demand the arrest of Aden Duale

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“You have somebody who said he was there with me… It is corrupted… It is not even audible. All of my functions are on my Facebook page. Let someone come and tell me I was there and that I am the owner of this tape” he added

This was first reported by The Star



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