this photo of Richard Chacha and Linus Kaikai will prove how “watu wanatoka mbali”


It is evident that both Linus Kaikai and Richard Chacha has had their fair share of hustling back in the day, and after seeing the photo that Richard Chacha shared of them two back in the day, I really believed “watu wanatoka mbali(people come from far)”

Left to right: Richard Chacha with Linus Kaikai | Richard Chacha

Linus Kaikai and Richard Chacha both started all the way from the bottom from a humble background to become the most respected people in the Republic of Kenya with Kaikai currently being the managing editor of Kenyan Television station NTV so that means he is the boss while Chacha is currently the Director of Communication and Public Relations in Mombasa County after his tenure with NTV ended. This just comes to prove that dedication, hard work and perseverance is key to make it in life.
It is clear that Richard Chacha and Linus Kaikai’s friendship has lasted through the many years they have been together and even now they are still friends. You need the right people in your corner to prosper in life and in this case Linus Kaikai and Richard Chacha has each others back and that’s the major key.


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