Exposed: how Royal Media is conning and duping poor jobless Kenyans via jobs advertising on their media platforms


Royal Media Services which owns Citizen TV has been called out for allegedly conning jobless Kenyans via its repeatedly announced radio advertising for recruitment of potential sales people this coming year on a 8 months contract.

People who tried to go through the process say that RMS is charging applicants 1000 which has also been calculated by Kenyans who have third eyes.

Take for instance,there are 10000 applicants paying 1000,that is a whooping 10,000,000 on the lower scale, the number could be 100,000 applications.
Question many people are asking is,why would an employer like RMS charge potential employees,and where would a jobless Kenyan get the money to pay these fees?

RMS has been a making profits but things could have gone a miss after their recent move to sack some of its employees.

Kenyans on Twitter are calling out the move as a crime via #RMSScam asking Kenyans to be cautious because they could end up conned and no job is awarded.

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