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why you should have lungula more than 2 times a day. #KyaloChronicles


There are only a few things I can do on my darkest days to make them seem a tad brighter; this small list includes things like crying for a solid hour on the phone with my mom, eating junk food and having lungula. Did that just sound too way personal? Oh well, it’s the truth. Venting to my mother, tearing away some chicken thighs and getting my freak on are just a few of the sure-fire ways I’m able to bounce back from a funk.

But, for some reason, having lungula seems to be the biggest determining factor in my overall mood.

On the other hand, as dramatic as this sounds, not having lungula affects someone like me just as much. My closest friends can immediately sense when I’m in need of some action the same way most people are able to tell when someone has just gotten laid.

When we’re fortunate enough to be having lungula nearly every day — whether that’s in a relationship, with a regular lungula partner or during (super-safe) one-night-stands — lungula can be an advantageous act for our health, happiness and even creativity.

lungula is a completely normal act that we all engage in, and a growing pool of research proves daily lungula is actually incredible for humans in so many ways. So why has it remained such a past midnight topic?

Let me break it down for you why you should be having all the lungula in the world.

People who have lungula every single day day are happier :- how? It isn’t news that we feel f*@king amazing right after we’ve had lungula? But did you know those effects actually carry on inside of us long after we’ve romped in the sheets? Having lungula brings out our inner confidence, which may be part of the reason we feel happy and rejuvenated afterward.

Study shows that participants who had lungula regularly felt much more confident about their bodies than those who did not go romping.

It’s important to begin the day with protein :- And proteins are healthy in our lives. If you want to go there…it’s really important to start your day with some protein… Get it…?

Lungula is Natural, its really good for you :- There are endless benefits in enganging in steamy moments. Such include a perfectly running immune system, lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart attack and a decrease in stress and anxiety.

A healthy lungula life means an equally healthy life in general, and it’s interesting to note these health benefits aren’t just taking place inside of us.

I’d also like to add in here that, for me at least, having lungula counts as exercise. All that pumping, thrusting and fooling around adds up to an essential cardiovascular and muscular workout that should be done every day.

The more lungula you have on daily basis, the more creative you become :- My literature teacher in high school told me to read widely if I ever wanted to become more creative. What he didn’t specify was that reading widely is not limited to steamy hot encounters in bed with my girlfriend. Well,  A study carried out by Psychologists in UK at University of Newcastle says that professional artists have some of the highest numbers of sex partners out of all participants surveyed.

Lungula inspires people to feel more confident, creative and freer than ever before because it is a necessary and vital aspect to human life. We’re actually one of the few creatures designed to enjoy s3x rather than just do it purely for mating purposes.

In fact, Lungula is liberating. Having lungula every day unlocks your creativity as well as benefits your health and your happiness. So what are you waiting for?

Lets you start your day in a good mood :- That’s good for work productivity and even having a good day. Just ponder all those days you’ve woken up on the wrong side of bed (so to speak) and how much better that day could have been had you started it right. Morning lungula not only ensures that you get up on the right side of the bed, but the increase in oxytocin levels keeps you and your partner bonded throughout the day while the endorphins boost your mood

Share this article to someone you want to keep healthy, happy and artistic — then the two of you go find a room, and set the world on fire.

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