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This machine would have made Wangari Maathai very proud


Environment and nature are something that most people usually take for granted but ideally they are a part of us that are very vital and they should never be taken for granted one bit. Wangari Maathai made a name for herself and even got recognized internationally and given a Nobel Peace Price in 2004 for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace.

She also stood for forest preservation especially Uhuru Park where she stood against the then KANU regime and against the cutting of trees in the Mau forest. Fast forward to today, one company invented a machine that doesn’t cut down trees but uproots them and plants them elsewhere.

Maathai was known for planting trees and with her grassroots non-governmental organization, Green Belt Movement has been able to plant more than 40 million trees in Kenya. WIth this machine, surely a lot of trees will be saved and I only wish Wangari Maathai lived long enough to see it

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