This crazy mzungu shows up at the airport in his underwear to show allegiance to his country


Greig Bannatyne who is a South African citizen showed some courage that most of us could only imagined by showing up at the Kamuzu International Airport in Malawi in his underwear donning the flag and insisted that he travel in his undies.


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Greg Bannatyne who is the Head of Technology: Trade & Working Capital at ABSA Capital in South Africa according to his Linked In page was adamant and keen to travel in his underwear that he had packed everything in his suitcase but forgot to wear any clothes.

It was reported by numerous Malawian news portal that Greig was high on weed he smoked at Cape Maclear and that his mental state was not stable because he reeked of marijuana. It is unclear if Greig Bannatyne was allowed to travel the way he wore

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