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Fresh Photos Of Usain Bolt DEEPLY Kissing And Caressing A Random Girl At A Club In Rio Shakes The World (Photos)


Usain Bolt made headlines across the globe after photos of his romantic escapade with a 20-year Jady Duarte leaked online.

Apparently Bolt’s testosterones were also on the run after he won his third gold medal in men’s 4x100m relay.

The celebrated Jamaican sprinter was on a flirting spree on Sunday night that he was celebrating his 30th birthday.

Usain Bolt Caught Kissing And Cuddling In Bed With A 20 Year Old Brazilian Girl

Before the world’s fastest man ended up in bed with Jady Duarte, he was deeply kissing and caressing a random girl he met at a club in Rio.

Photos of bolt smooching in the club caused a buzz on internet. See the photos via courtesy below:

bolt1 bolt2 bolt3 bolt4 bolt5 bolt6 bolt7

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