Eye Candy, the Kenyan ‘Joseline Hernandez’ Stacey Pendo


Pendo is a socialite known to pretty much every Kenyan, local and abroad and she is well famed for sleeping with Nigerian superstar Davido when he came to Kenya for his show. Stacey Pendo doesn’t give two cents what you think about her, as long as she keeps winning, she’s good to go, haters just know your lanes and you will be good with her.

She currently is a star in K24’s Nairobi Diaries, and boy o boy! she’s as fiesty as they come. Check out the photos of her below as today she makes the cut to be our Eye Candy

If you are an ardent follower of the VH1’s franchise ‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ You will agree that she’s the Kenyan version of the ‘Puerto Rican Princess’ Joseline Hernandez in her fierceness

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