Emma Jalamo is the new face of Luo music


It’s safe to say that he is the face of Ohangla(a genre of Luo music) music in Kenya because every one who appreciates ‘muziki bila jasho’ (music without sweat) type of music most definitely knows who Emma Jalamo is and what he has and currently doing in the music industry where Rhumba, Benga and Ohangla is concerned.

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Now if you appreciate real gentleman’s music and know how real music sounds like, you ought to know and appreciate Emma Jalamo’s music because it has a way of connecting with you and am not talking about tribal connections, as in look at me, I am a typical Kikuyu hailing from the former President Mwai Kibaki’s background, Othaya and I usually listen to Ohangla even though I don’t usually understand what the music talks about but I understand the rythm of the music, the beat and the symphony and if you think I don’t know what I am talking about, have a listen at his recent song ‘Wivu Mbaya’ below and see if you won’t agree with me.


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