Today Is April Fools Day. But First,These Are The Worst Pranks Ever! DO NOT Try Them On Your Friends. Especially Number 10 Please!


Today is April Fools Day,the day You get to prank Your friends and play practical jokes on them. Some jokes are funny. Others are downright stupid. While others are dangerous. And can lead to death.

Here’s the MOST DEADLY and DANGEROUS jokes that You can possibly play on your friends today. But seriously,most are absolutely funny! And You’ll laugh yourself silly while reading them. And while pulling them on your clueless pals.

But some are seriously NOT FUNNY. And You can get killed for them. Especially number 10. Worst prank ever!

Well,here are the best and worst 11¬†pranks You can pull today….Come with Me…

1. Leave him hanging

This goes for the ladies especially. Here’s the trick…Call your boyfriend,tell him you’re home alone and that you are horny as hell. He tells you he’s in the office. In a meeting and that he cannot make it. You tell him,’Fine,I’ll find someone else to satisfy Me’. He then tells you to hang on and escapes from the very important office meeting and starts driving over to your place. You text him,’Hurry up! I’m wet! I need You in me! Now!’. He hurrys up. And,while knocking at your house’s door. You text him,’April Fools I’m in the Office,Bae…L8trz”

2. Poisoning their breakfast

Widely regarded as a generally bad joke, since the victim usually dies before you can safely point out that you poisoned their breakfast. Haha

3. Stealing their credit cards and money…

A time tested joke – you simply empty the victim’s wallet of all cards and cash. Then, when out, you call them telling the you desperately need money, and your victim will thus discover all his cards have been stolen. And cash. Naturally, you should only return them once he has cancelled them all. And once he’s gone really really crazy!

4. Impersonating the police…

A group of mutual friends can visit the victim’s address, posing as the police. You can then claim that you have logs from their ISP that they have been downloading child pornography, and that you thus have a warrant for their computers. Later, format the computers and return them. Or never return them at all. Bad move!

5. Abducting their children.

For a truly effective gag, simply abduct the victim’s children before they enter the school doors. Since you abducted them before 12:00, it is OK to hold them after this time. For maximum effect, return the children just before midnight. It is also even funnier if the children are drunk. And naked. Hahahaha.

6. Kill their pet

A particularly effective gag is to kill their pet, behead it, and then place the head in their mug. Naturally, you can make this OK by buying them a new pet; “see, it’s OK, I got you a new one”. Meeeoooow

7. Impersonate their doctor

A classic joke is to phone your friend and inform him that his wife has been diagnosed with an airborne strain of HIV, and that he should probably also be tested too. For added effect, tell them that the public must be notified, but they are entitled to free counseling. Free.

8. Break into their house and redecorate

A classic one is to break into their house after they are asleep, and redecorate as many rooms as possible with purple (or striped, vibrant red & blue) wallpaper. Alternatively, you can just drill loads of holes in the walls, and insert a Cadbury’s finger in each. I’m telling You….

9. Raid their house

This needs to be done just as April 1 strikes (around 2am) – gather some friends and dress in military gear; one team gas grenades both floors, the other team breaks down the front door and fires rounds into the air, then quickly raids the upstairs and arrests everyone. How far you take this is your choice – some have even recommended live ammunition….Do it at your own risk. At Your OWN risk,I repeat.

10. Fake your own death

Fake your death. And text them all using a different number. Possible cause of death should be..You’ve had a nasty car accident. Or your wife has chopped off your balls and made soup with your intestines. Or better still,tell them you’ve committed suicide. And your body is still hanging at your compound’s tree.

11. The Pregnancy gag

Find someone they’ve had sex with in the past 9 months (note, if you are reading this, it is unlikely someone will play this joke on you) and get them to phone the other party and inform them that they are pregnant with twins, and that they are the only possible father. Guaranteed to bring laughs for years to come. Or tears.

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