rapper Kristoff flaunts his new Ksh. 144,737.29 Versace Medusa sneakers. straight up ballin!


When it comes to bossing and stunting, Kristoff Barton popularly known as just Kristoff is on his own league, once he was seen sporting a American Chrysler, legit gold chains and now he went ahead to have the VERSACE Gold High-Top Studded Strap Medusa Sneakers imported which retails for a whopping $1419. I mean I knew that the ‘Dandia Kama Mat’ hit maker had guap and all but to go ahead to buy a single pair of shoes worth Ksh. 144,737.29 is simply out of this world if not he’s just a serial profligate.

Here are the price of the Versace Gold High-Top Studded Strap Medusa Sneakers courtesy of modesens.com

Versace Medusa boots price
Versace Medusa sneakers price

Here is the imported sneakers Kristoff imported

Kristoff's Vesace Medusa sneakers
Kristoff’s Versace Medusa sneakers
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