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10 outstanding photos taken during Nasa confrontation with the police


Police and Nasa supporters clashed for the better part of Friday November 17th when Raila Odinga returned home from his trip abroad.

Police firing teargas canisters, water cannon trucks splashing water, police firing bullets, Nasa supporters running and throwing stone etc were the scenes that characterized Nairobi on Friday,

Photographers captured stunning photos of the Friday chaos. Take a look at the photos below:

Policeman was caught in action shooting at Raila Odinga’s convoy. Photo/Courtesy
Nasa supporter tries to catch teargas canister fired at him. Photo/Courtesy
Raila Odinga wipes his face after teargas smoke became too much for him to stand. Photo/Courtesy
Nasa supporters play around with teargas canister lobbed at them. Police watch from a distance. Photo/Courtesy
Nasa supporters dodges water being splashed at him from police water cannon trucks. Photo/Courtesy
Nasa supporter undeterred even as teargas smoke fill the air around him. Photo/Courtesy
Nasa supporter pours water at teargas canister lobbed at Nasarites. Photo/Courtesy
Nasa supporter stands his ground as police water cannon truck approaches while splashing water. Photo/Courtesy
Nasa supporter carries water in a sufuria to wash his face when police lobbed teargas at Nasarites. Photo/Courtesy
Nasa supporter dressed like a lady during Raila’s Friday grand reception. Photo/Courtesy
Nasa crossdresser cheers while waiting for Raila’s arrival. Photo/Courtesy
Nasa supporters jumps to catch teargas canister midair. Photo/Courtesy
Raila Odinga’s son Raila Odinga Junior joins his father’s convoy. Photo/Courtesy
Raila Odinga stands outside his vehicle to greet supporters even after police fired at his Range Rover. Photo/Courtesy
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